Group menu



We offer lunch buffet for groups:

  • Soup, bread, butter
  • 2 warm main courses
  • Fresh salad and dressing
  • Coffee and tea


3 course dinner


  • Tomato soup with fresh basil and homebaked bread
  • Wild mushroomsoup with homebaked bread
  • Icelandic salmon due, smoked and cured salmon: served with salad, dressing and toast
  • Saladplate with mixed salad, roasted seeds, feta-cheese

Main dishes

  • Lamb steak from Midfjordur with vegetables, roasted potatoes and mushroom sauce
  • Pan fried chatch of the day with onion butter, salad and small potatoes
  • Trout from the heath Arnarvatnsheidi with shrimp-butter and small potatoes
  • Breast of chicken with salad, dressing and fried potatoes


  • Lemon mousse with fruitsalad
  • Chockolate cake with whipped cream
  • Blueberry-skyr cake with whipped cream
  • Chockolate mousse